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Card Banking

Coopbank’s debit card provides you a 24/7 instant access to your accounts at any ATM and POS machines in the country.

It enables you make convenient ATM transactions including:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund transfer
  • Balance inquiry

With our debit card, POS transactions make your purchase easy and cashless. Because of the interoperability of the POS machines, you can use all the available POS machines on your check out.


Coopbank is providing Coopay-Ebirr omnichannel financial services in partnership with ebirr a Fintech Company in Ethiopia. It is an ecosystem where you can make all the relevant transactions you need in your day to day life. From basic transactions such as paying for your mobile air time, you can send money to all corners of the country and make use of the bank’s vast branch as well as agent networks. Additionally, through Coopay-Ebirr you can make payments at supermarkets, Ethiopian Airlines, DSTV payments,post-paid telephone bills and other utility bill payments.

In order to make the experience convenient to our customers, the bank has started traffic fine payment service through the platform where you can pay the fine on the spot saving the time, energy and money you waste to pay and collect your driving license from police stations in the traditional way.

Coopay-ebirr is equipped with new features to make digital banking a delightful experience.

Range of Services


Click here for the full list of our agents throughout the country to enjoy cash-in, cash-out and registration for the agent services.

Dial *841# and register!

Download Coopay-ebirr mobile app from:



Non-Resident Accounts

Types Of Non-Resident Accounts

  1. Non-Resident Foreign Currency accounts
  2. Non-Resident Non-Transferable Birr accounts
  3. Non-Resident Transferable Birr account
  • These accounts are opened for those organizations and individuals who are permitted to open NR – FCY account.
  • (Opening criteria and procedure are the same as that of NR – FCY account)
  • The balances of these accounts are expressed in Birr.
  • Transfers from these accounts are exempted from the exchange commission.
  • As the name itself indicates the balance of these accounts can be converted or transferred abroad or to NR – FCY account without prior approval of NBE.


  • Diplomatic mission offices
  • Diplomatic mission staffs (except for Ethiopian nationals)
  • Members of the International Community
  • International organizations and their organs

Agricultural Investment Loan

Agricultural Investment Loan

It is a short to long term loan granted to Cooperatives, Associations, Commercial Farms, or Individuals for working capital as well as purchase or lease of buildings, agro-processing machinery, and equipment (such as water pumps, generators, combine harvesters, tractors, vehicles, coffee processing machines, etc.), for plant and animal production (dairy production, poultry production, and livestock fattening activities) in small/medium/large-scale farming, construction of storage facilities, etc.

The bank gives priority to modern commercial agriculture ventures that produce for the export market and may finance both rainfed and irrigation system farming. The bank may provide a maximum grace period of five years for plantations like coffee plantation and a maximum of two years for other agricultural farms.

Agricultural Input Loan

Agricultural Input Loan

Fertilizer Loan

It is a short-term agricultural loan granted for the purchase of fertilizers. The applicant can be Cooperatives, Associations, Commercial Farms, Individuals, or Regional State. Applicants that are established as Cooperatives or Associations may be extended clean based fertilizer loan; however, they have to:

  • Acquire legal personality from the concerned governmental organ.
  • Present Minutes of a resolution passed by at least three-fourths of the members of the General Assembly of their Cooperative /Association.
  • Provide audited financial statements.
  • Employ a Manager and an Accountant/Bookkeeper; and
  • Present letter of guarantee from the Regional Government which in turn shall present a letter of guarantee from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Other Agricultural Input Loans

It is a short-term loan granted to Cooperatives, Associations, Commercial Farms, Individuals, and Regional Governments engaged in the agricultural sector for the purchase of agricultural inputs other than fertilizers like improved seeds, and/or agrochemicals.

Import Letter of Credit Settlement Loan

Import Letter of Credit Settlement Loan

Import Letter of Credit Settlement Loan is a form of a loan extended to a borrower by converting the outstanding import letter of credit document’s value either to a merchandise loan facility or to a term loan upon the fulfillment of the required eligibility criteria for a maximum period of one year when a customer is unable to clear the L/C documents due to shortage of cash flow.  The customer couldn’t be allowed not more two times a year.

In addition to the General Eligibility Criteria, the customer shall fulfill the following specific requirements.

  • The customer’s credit risk shall be grades 1, 2, or 3.
  • The bank shall finance only import letter of credits opened at its end.
  • The applicant shall not have any other long outstanding import letter of credit document arrived.
  • The customer shall apply for a loan within five days after the bank advised the arrival of a letter of credit documents.

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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Besides our dedication to serve the society by providing full-fledged banking services, the bank persistently discharges its social responsibilities for the communities.

We involve various social aspects via donations and sponsorships to sectors like public health, education, community development, environmental protection efforts, natural disasters, and other humanitarian endeavors. Our bank believes that being socially responsible is behaving ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. It’s also one of the core values and fundamental beliefs of the bank.

Humanitarian Affairs

As a responsible corporate citizen, the bank and its employees are involved in various social aspects via donations and sponsorships.

  • Donation of ETB 70,000,000 (Seventy Million Birr) was made for drought victims, in different parts of the region

As a responsible corporate citizen, the bank and its employees are involved in various social aspects via donations and sponsorships.

  • Donation of ETB 23.7 million was made for communities displaced from border conflicts in the year 2017.
  • In-kind support of 3,200 quintals of food items was made for the people affected by the El Nino caused drought, which particularly affected southern and south-eastern parts of the country.
  • Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the bank has been undertaking various measures like donations amounting to ETB 8 million and temporarily gave its buildings to Oromia Regional State in Naqamte and Kuyu towns to be used for this purpose. The bank has also waived all fees from digital banking platforms, including ATMs and Coopay (Mobile Banking) fees, LC extension fees, and made a loan interest rate reduction of up to 5%.

Economic Affairs

The bank is dedicated to creating economic value for all stakeholders, including our customers, regulatory organs, and the larger society. Specifically,

  • We remain committed to driving sustainable growth in agriculture, manufacturing, trade and commerce, construction, real estate, foreign trade (import and export), among other sectors of the economy.
  • We will continue to support the sustainable development of society through our wide-presence in rural areas.
  • We will continue playing a very constructive and meaningful role in promoting the financial inclusion of the country.

Environmental Affairs

In the light of environmental protection, we believe that environmental sustainability is critical globally for the communities we serve and for our citizens. Therefore;

  • We are committed to preserving biodiversity and natural resources and collaborate with those working/concerned with environmental protection.
  • We do business with companies that support ecological issues and ensuring their products and services in promoting environmental protection.
  • We also encourage and funding for NGOs and charity Organizations working on environmental protection.
  • We are participating in the nation-wide tree planting campaign every year.

Cultural Affairs

The bank is well-known in supporting various cultural orientations through sponsorships to promote culture, art and related concerns.

  • We have been supporting and remain committed to financial supports made for new movies, music awards, cultural festivals, and various cultural festivities.
  • We will continue to support such incentives for they contribute to create sustainable values for the communities.


Educational Affairs

The impact of education to inclusive growth of the community, the bank believes that supporting educational affairs is coherent with the mission of the bank, and thus assisting associations like responsible organs, NGO’s and other charity organizations through funding or being consistent member and partner, and others as well.

  • Being a consistent member, we are granting for Oromia Development Association (ODA) and capitalizing funding for the association each year.
  • We are also supporting school feeding projects of the Addis Ababa City Administration annually.
  • Furthermore, we are sponsoring research and educational summits and book authors.

Health Affairs

Recently, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the bank has been undertaking various measures like a donation amount of ETB 8 million and temporarily gave its buildings to Oromia Regional State in Nekemte and Kuyu towns to contribute to the move towards containing the virus. In general, the bank has contributed more than ETB 310 million to combat COVID-19 considering forgone interest incomes on the reduced interest rates due to the virus’s impact in certain business sectors.

In addition to that the bank supports several associations and organizations working in different areas of community health. The bank has taken several initiatives in the awareness creation of Autism, Epilepsy and several other public health concerns.

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