Agricultural Input Loan

Fertilizer Loan

It is a short-term agricultural loan granted for the purchase of fertilizers. Applicants that are established as Cooperatives or Associations may be extended clean based fertilizer loans. However, they have to:

  • Acquire legal personality from the concerned organ.
  • Present minutes of a resolution passed by at least three-fourths of the members of the General Assembly of their Cooperative /Association.
  • Provide audited financial statements.
  • Employ a Manager and an Accountant/Bookkeeper; and
  • Present letter of guarantee from the respective regional or federal government body.

Other Agricultural Input Loans

It is a short-term loan granted to customers engaged in the agricultural sector for the purchase of agricultural inputs other than fertilizers like improved seeds, and/or agrochemicals.

Agricultural Investment Loan

It is a short to long term loan granted for working capital needs as well as purchase or lease of buildings, agro-processing machineries, equipment (such as water pumps, generators, combine harvesters, tractors, vehicles, coffee processing machines, etc.), plant and animal production (dairy, poultry, and livestock fattening activities) in small/medium/large-scale farming, construction of storage facilities, etc.

Priority is given to modern commercial agriculture ventures that produce for export and both rain fed and irrigation system agricultures may be financed. A maximum grace period of five years may be granted for plantations like coffee plantation and a maximum of two years for other agricultural farms.