Good Holidays, Modern Life 

It is a holiday season. Christmas is at door. Holidays reunite families and loved ones and reignite the sense of togetherness and the wholesomeness in the heart of the partakers of the event. The food, the laughter and the humors during the holidays are of their distinctive color and message.   As holidays usually bring along hidden blessings, not everybody, enjoys the process during the preceding days. Modern people lead a simplified lifestyle, with an optimal utility. What are some of the things to avoid and some of the good things people need to do during holiday seasons?

  1. Not having a budget

It may appear straightforward, but many people approach the holiday season with a list of people for whom they need to buy gifts but no set budget for their expenditures. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for, as well as anyone you owe Christmas tips to and any additional costs you expect to incur. With that list in hand, pick a bottom line number that you won’t exceed.

That implies you may have to sacrifice something else if you spend more on a gift for your spouse. The same is true if your holiday trip costs more than you anticipated or if any other expense unexpectedly rises. Be open and honest in your planning, and stick to your budget.

  1. Not being willing to say no

Parents understandably want to offer their children a fantastic holiday. The issue is that if the adults cannot afford what their children desire, they must be willing to be adults.

It does not do your child any favors to spend money you don’t have or risk the family’s financial future in order to buy gifts. When the requested present does not materialize, it may cause tears, but it is also an educational moment.

Be honest with your child if he or she wants something you can’t afford. Set up a savings plan with your child to eventually buy the desired thing if it’s possible. Cooperative Bank of Oromia offers Gamme-Junior Savings account where your small savings can earn attractive benefits. The account is also entitled to lottery program which might see you win a two-bedroom apartment, a new automobile with three-wheel drive, and other prizes.

  1. Don’t forget all the other costs

While gifts may take up the majority of your budget, don’t forget to account for all of the other holiday costs. Keep in mind that travel during the holiday season tends to be more expensive, with everything from buses, airline to hotel rooms costing more. It’s also crucial to account for anything from decorations to family photos, as well as any other expenses that aren’t part of your regular household budget.

  1. Effecting cashless payments

During the holiday season, people tend to frequent supermarkets and local markets. Sheep, hens/cocks, eggs, and other ornamental and gift items are popular purchases. Holding a large sum of money on hand and making cash payments used to be the norm. Banking technology, on the other hand, has changed how businesses are conducted these days. The advanced world was made simple by mobile phones. Within a fraction of a second, you can pay for your items and collect your sales. The Coopay-Ebirr ecosystem of the Cooperative Bank of Oromia is an example. Coopay-Ebirr is a safe and simple platform for making fast payments. You won’t have to constantly check your shoulders for fear of losing your money.

  1. Minimize Unnecessary Spending

It is important to have as much fun as possible in life. For the sake of the holidays, you don’t have to buy anything you couldn’t regularly afford. Spend a tiny sum that will not jeopardize your hard-earned savings. The most important thing is the time you spend with your loved ones, not the food or drink. You can put your funds on one of Coopbanks high interest bearing savings accounts such as Youth savings account Sinqe-Women savings accounts and earn more. In addition, you will be eligible for a lottery program that will entitle you to one of the high-end prizes, such as a luxury apartment, a 2021 model Suzuki Dzire automobile, a three-wheel vehicle, televisions, or smartphones. The more you save, the more lottery numbers you will receive, increasing your chances of winning significantly.

  1. Avoid Excessive Eating or Drinking

Holiday foods are high in fatty ingredients, and drinks, of course, are high in alcohol, both of which can cause health problems. Use separate utensils for raw and cooked foods to avoid cross contamination. During the preparation, wash your hands and surfaces often. Food should be stored at prescribed temperatures, and frozen items should be thawed in the refrigerator as directed. Cook items to specified temperatures and check for doneness with a thermometer.  Hot foods should be kept hot, while cold items should be kept cold! Within two hours of dining, refrigerate leftovers.


Enjoy the holiday! Have the best!