Money Transfers

Transfer more money quickly, easily and safely with Coopbank through SWIFT and Money Transfer Operators (MTOs)

Incoming Transfer through MTOs

An international electronic transfer of funds in a specific currency and amount to a friend, relative, or company residing in Ethiopia. We are working with the following MTOS.

  • Swift – CBORETAA
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • Dahabshiil
  • Transfast
  • Olympic
  • Banana Pay (Tawakal)
  • Amal Express
  • Worldremit
  • Ria


Valid and renewed ID card, passport, Driving License, Other government issue ID card

Through SWIFT transfer the recipient must have an account with Coopbank

Those recipients through MTOs, should know the security number of the remittance

Outgoing Transfer

A SWIFT transfer of funds to be made by the instruction of Coopbank customers to beneficiaries in foreign countries. Such transfers are payments for services (invisible), education, certificate renewal, medical treatment abroad, subscription fee for magazines, advertisements abroad, etc.


Duly signed foreign fund transfer application form (If the transfer is against the debit of FCY accounts) duly completed, signed and stamped foreign -exchange application (For invisible payments)

Supportive documents required as per the directive of NBE tailored to the purpose of the payment