Partial Financing for Acquired and Foreclosed Collateral

Partial Financing is a financing scheme whereby the Bank covers a portion of the auction price of foreclosed and acquired properties presented for sale by the Bank. These properties mean buildings, vehicles, machineries, and business establishments that are either held as collateral or acquired by the Bank.

Equipment/Machineries Lease Financing

The Bank may avail Equipment/Machineries Lease Financing to either of the parties to the lease agreement – lessee or lessor.

The capital goods include earthmoving machines, construction vehicles, combiner, harvesters, etc. that are considered as essential to conduct business in any sector of the economy.

Import Letter of Credit Settlement Loan

Import Letter of Credit Settlement Loan is a form of a loan extended to a borrower by converting the outstanding import letter of credit document’s value either to a merchandise loan facility or to a term loan upon the fulfillment of the required eligibility criteria for a maximum period of one year when a customer is unable to clear the L/C documents due to shortage of cash flow.  Such loans are not allowed to a customer for more than two times a year.

In addition to the General Eligibility Criteria, customers shall fulfill the following specific requirements.

  • The customer’s credit risk shall be grades 1, 2, or 3.
  • Only import letter of credits opened at by the bank shall be financed.
  • The applicant should not have any other unsettled long outstanding LC.
  • The customer shall apply for the loan within five days after the bank advised the arrival of a letter of credit documents.