Corporate Brand Identity

The Bank’s corporate identity is expressed in numerous ways, both explicitly and implicitly.When considering identity in a broad sense, the term corporate image is often used. It deals with the general impression of the bank held by the general public, other organizations, interest groups, including employees, and it touches virtually all aspects of the bank’s activities
The purpose of managing corporate identity is to achieve clear and effective identification of all activities, consistent with strategic plans for communicating programs.
The bank’s identity should convey a sense of purpose, quality and integrity. It is a task that requires the full support of senior management and the active involvement of those concerned

Definition and Significance of Logo

  • It’s a graphic representation or image that triggers memory associations of the target brand
  • The word ‘logo’, is a short form of the Greek word, logogram, meaning
    “sign or character representing a word” that is, logos “word” plus gram “what is written.”
  • “ Our logo is a very valuable asset. We must treat it nicely. Never abuse our logo, it doesn’t have arms so it can’t fight back (our lawyers however, are another story).
  • Shows working together and strong symmetry.
  • Shows building identity and competitive advantage of the bank around cooperative movement
  • The full color version of the logo (CYAN) is the primary logo often used in print reproductions. The white & black version of the logo are used with special approval from RCC and when the primary color logo is not visible

The linked “Os” shows

  • A commitment and dedication of the bank as a strategic partner and key agent of change for building inclusive rural-urban linkages and sustainable financial solutions
  • Network (technology), strong chain and relationship with stakeholders
  • The linked Os also means infinity as there is no limit to ambition and aspirations of the bank, and the potential and opportunities are sky high
  • The linked “Os” on the logo symbolizes the strop (Harkiftuu in Afaan Oromoo) which connects the beam/mofer with the yoke/qenber in traditional farming, which shows CBOs dedication to be a connecter/bridge of the farming communities to meet their financial demand.
  • Likewise, it shows the bank’s inception (origination) from the farming community

The key on alphabet “P” shows

  • The bank’s effort to stand-out as a key to financial solutions especially to the unbanked rural segment
  • Facing down key is an indication of CBO’s commitment to unlock financial problem of the people at grassroots, that’s derived from the bank’s mission to root its foundation in communities
  • As the key performs safety tasks, it ensures security of customers’ money



The Arial typeface family is the standard typeface for corporate communications. Its mainly used in the body part.
The minimum typeface size for this particular font is 12 pt


Myriad pro is also a system font that is pre-installed on most PCs and Macs. They are generally available throughout the world on a variety of typesetting systems.
For outdoor advertisement (banner, billboard, nameplate, advertisement on website of the
bank, etc)


For various communications and publications in Amharic

For Amharic language we can use nyala which is accessible freely.


The visual expression of the Coopbank Alhuda’s corporate identity must reflect its true identity. On the other hand, if the bank is committed to change, and its management has taken the necessary steps to achieve this, a change of visual identity can be used deliberately to stimulate and express the real changes that have taken place


Brand Architecture is a system that organizes brands, products and services to help an audience access and relate to a brand.

The following are common types of Brand Architecture:
1. Monolithic Brand/ Branded House
2. House of Brands
3. Hybrid or Endorsing Branding

For Coopbank Alhuda Segment Branded House Brand Architecture is going to be applied, as the architecture supports a single master brand, one trademark followed by descriptive names for each product/service, one system (promise, personality, visual and verbal identity) used for all the products/services that corporate develops


The Qibla will be used both as a placeholder for letter A and Qibla itself which represents the meaning of the Coopbank Alhuda segment which implies the right guidance toward the sustainable value-based business growth without compromising the sharia compliance by balancing community, economy, and environment as business orientation

Coopbank Alhuda pattern