Saving Deposit

Regular Saving Account

It is an interest-bearing account generally opened with a minimum of Birr 50. However, it can also be opened with a zero balance with the intention to establish a relationship and introduce banking services to potential unbanked customers. The account holder should credit at least a minimum of Birr 25 to her/his account within a month.

The following are the basic features and advantages of the account.

Additional Features:

  • One can withdraw from her/his account by filing a withdrawal slip,
  • It can be operated by a passbook and/or an ATM-Card,
  • It can be opened and/or operated by a legal agent in the name of the principal, against a power of attorney,
  • No restrictions on the number and amount of deposits and withdrawals unless restricted by pertinent bodies,
  • It can be linked to Coopay-Ebirr to manage the accounts via mobile and Internet banking.


    • It improves the saving culture of society,
    • It enables earning income through interest,
    • It helps the depositor to make fund transfers,
    • It enables payment through ATM/POS cards, internet, mobile, etc.,
    • It provides immediate cash as and when required.

Account opening form