Cooperatives Financing

Working Capital Loan

The bank finances working capital needs of cooperatives of any type. Accordingly, such loans are designed for cooperatives engaged in various kinds of production activities such as coffee farming and production, animal husbandry, grain trade, agro-processing, dairy, animal husbandry, honey production, fisheries, consumer goods, SACCOs, and others. In this regard, working capital loans are designed to cover such costs as the purchase of fertilizers and pesticides, seeds, fuel and various fixtures, shipment, marketing, repair and maintenance, purchase of live animals, purchase of milk cooling tanks and other equipment, harvesting and marketing operations, purchase vehicles for the transport needs of their businesses, irrigation equipment, and other costs.

Agriculture Mechanization

The bank renders loans specifically designed for mechanization of agriculture including for purchase of agricultural machineries and equipment according to business studies in line with agricultural production requirements and capacities. Accordingly, financings will be made to purchase tractors, combiner harvester, thrasher, irrigation equipment, and truckers, among others. Terms and conditions stipulated to the product including loan interest rate, term and payment modalities is very attractive.

Agriculture Processing

The bank fosters and stimulates cooperatives to augment opportunities along the agriculture value-chain till processing and trading of farm produces. Accordingly, in order to promote setting-up of modern dairy farms, for the production of clean milk, and to upgrade milk production on a commercial scale, the bank renders financing facilities for cooperatives engaged in milk processing industries. Likewise, by considering the importance of processing in enhancing the quality and value of coffee, the bank finances coffee cooperatives for purchase of coffee washing machines, dry hulling as well large-scale processing plant. In a similar tone, the bank renders attractive and affordable loan facilities for cooperatives engaged in other agricultural processing businesses like flour factory, malt factory and others. Under this product, additionally, the bank offers loans for food oil processing, malt-barely factory, horticulture, apiculture, and poultry.

Export Financing Facilities

It is well known that Ethiopia is commonly recognized as the birthplace of coffee, and produces some of the most exceptional and dramatic coffees. Currently an estimated 15 million Ethiopians are employed by the coffee industry, and the country is hugely reliant of coffee as a major source of export earnings. Accordingly, farmer cooperatives are hugely engaged in the production, processing and marketing of coffee. The Coopbank, therefore, is well known ally and trademarked financer of coffee cooperatives from production till export to global market. The bank offers export financings and trade facilities including preshipment loans, export term-loans, advance payments, letter of credit and cash against document facilities for coffee exporting cooperatives. Likewise, the bank finances and offers export facilities for cooperatives on pulses, sesame, khat, grain, spices, horticulture, and other exportable items.


The bank also offers various ranges of products for cooperatives of any type with appropriate support, advisory and attractive facilities. The following financing facilities are also offered by the bank.

  • Animal husbandry
  • Loan for SACCOs (Saving and Credit Cooperatives)
  • Loan for Consumer cooperatives (guarantees and direct financing)