Cooperatives Capacity Building and Advisory

Capacity Building and Advisory Services

To confront the critical challenges of cooperatives and deliver the value needed by the segment, the bank has put in place structure which deals with capacity building and advisory services for cooperatives and their members. Accordingly, the following services are being offered by the bank.

  • Training and education/awareness creation;
  • Advocacy on adapting best practices (knowledge transfer) and creating model cooperatives;
  • Linking with developmental partners for technical and financial support;
  • Organizing cooperatives’ workshops and forums;
  • Advisory services on strategic planning, process review and improvement, marketing, project management, human resources management and information system implementation.

Intended Impact of Coopbank’s Advisory Services

Since its establishment, as per its mission and core value of concern for community, the bank works with emphasis to the socio-economic empowerment of the communities through collaboration with community based organizations, cooperative organizers and other partner. In doing so, the bank intends to;

  • Improve financial inclusion and financial literacy especially in the rural areas;
  • Strengthen governance and management of cooperatives through capacity buildings and exposures;
  • Improve and augment value additions of produces and creation of market access;
  • Create an enabling environment for cooperative societies;
  • Cultivate collaboration with partners and stakeholders to avail financial and technical support for cooperatives.

Stakeholders to Partner with Coopbank

Coopbank is the first bank of its kind in the country established by the cooperative movement so as to support and finance cooperatives, agro-based businesses and rural community. With this, there are so many stakeholders and partners believed to collaborate with the bank to support the mission and purpose of socio-economic empowerment and development of the community.

  • Cooperative promotion agencies
  • Local and international non-governmental organizations
  • Developmental partners and community based organizations
  • Educational and research institutions
  • International Cooperative Alliance (ICA)