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ECX Related Accounts

ECX Related Accounts

ECX related account is a special type of account opened in an electronically networked branch as Pay-in/Pay-Out account for the members of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange to facilitate the trading of Commodity at ECX trading centers. The limited member pay-out and limited client pay-out can be operated from either an electronically networked branch or non-networked branch.

Account opening request shall be lodged by the ECX through an account
opening facilitation letter to the bank by clearly specifying; ECX Member type, ECX Bank account required, and a networked branch selected by the member for the account.

Additional Features

  • The account is opened for a member who is not prohibited by the National Bank of Ethiopia from owning and operating bank accounts;
  • The Member shall present power of attorney, giving the sole right of debiting the Pay-in account to the Exchange, prepared in four copies and shall be signed by the Principal authorized officials at the counter of the account opening branch, in front of two witnesses.
  • The member also presents ECX Member certificate (ECX member ID).


  • It helps the members of the ECX to facilitate the trading of Commodity at ECX.