Labbaik wadiah Saving Account

Labbaik Wadi’ah Saving Account is a type of forced and commitment saving account for Hajji & Umrah pilgrimage. Labbaik wadi’ah saving account for Hajji and Umrah Pilgrimage is a type of saving account; thus, a passbook will be issued to the customers. The available tenure for the Umrah package ranges from one to three years and five to fifteen years for Hajji Package. Customers will have to monthly deposit in their account as per the proposed deposit plan; however, they are required to deposit any amount more than the agreed fund. Once the deposited amount reaches the selected package price, they can apply for withdrawal by filling the appropriate withdrawal format. Customers are allowed to withdraw from their credit balance without any form of restriction/limitation as to the amount and timings of the withdrawal, but they are not entitled to the program. At the time of maturity, customers withdraw their funds in full to utilize for Hajji-Umrah package offered by CBO Hajji-Umrah Package or by any other Travel Agent as per the discretion of Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council