Day: March 10, 2022

Coopbank celebrates its 17th year anniversary

The Cooperative Bank of Oromia celebrates its 17th years anniversary, on March 08, 2022.
The bank has been celebrating its continued success and achievements with different events at all head office organs, districts, and branches.
Accordingly, at a celebration event held in the Dire Dawa District office, Coopbank president, Deribe Asfaw expressed heartfelt gratitude to colleagues who have made a significant contribution to the bank's growth over the past 17 years.
The Cooperative Bank of Oromia was founded on March 8, 2005, with the objective of changing the fate of its society's way of life through financial inclusion and paths over ups and downs, and now traveling towards its envisioned goal.
Currently, the bank has 8.7 million customers, has 556 branches, has increased its capital to over 79 billion in deposits, and its total assets have surpassed 96 billion.