Diaspora Banking

Coopbank’s Diaspora accounts are accounts offered to non-residential Ethiopian Nationals working and living outside of Ethiopia for more than one year, non-resident foreign nationals who had been Ethiopian National before and business entities owned by the above mentioned.

The bank has undergone massive transformation in recent years by adopting culture of quality customer services that aligns with contemporary banking services. Currently, CBO is the leading bank in terms of both customer base with more than 5.3 million customers as of June 2019 and 416 branches network across the country and has more than 39 billion in assets.

Following the favorable political environment prevailing in Ethiopia, Diasporas are coming back to their homeland and have interests to engage in different investment opportunities. Keeping that in mind, Coopbank wishes to entrust you with a number of products designed for your needs while ensuring a smooth partnership, no matter where you are in the world.

Our array of diaspora banking products and services on both Conventional and Interest Free Banking Windows among others, include: –