CoopApp Privacy Policy

Cooperative Bank of Oromia (Coopbank) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy and security of our customers’ personal and financial information. This Privacy Policy sets out how Coopbank collects, uses, protects, and shares personal information provided by users of our digital banking services, including through Coopbank apps and web-based platforms (the “Services”).

Moreover, the bank will exercise the following:

  • The Bank protects its users’ personal data by imposing strict regulations on third-party usage in the pursuit of improving their products and services.
  • Sensitive details, such as financial info, bank accounts, passwords, and biometric details, will not be shared or disclosed unless mandated law.
  • The Bank does not consider public available information as sensitive.
  • Users should be aware that no method of transmission or storage over the internet is entirely secure, and they must take steps to safeguard themselves.
  • The Bank does not permit advertisers to acquire personal data for digital advertisements.
  • The Bank will upload an updated version of the policy to its website as soon as changes are made to the privacy policy.

Information We Collect

When you visit our site or use applications, we may gather personal information about you that you provide in applications and online activities. This information may include:

Account number(s),
Email address,
Phone number(s)
Phone number from contact lists (only for mobile top-up services)
User name associated with customer’s account
IP address,
browser and/or device information,
Location information if enabled on customer’s device,
Operating system customer use
Other login options (PIN and Biometrics) if enabled by customer’s

 SMS and Email Policy

The bank is committed to providing seamless and efficient customer support through SMS and email communication channels. By complying with this policy, we aim to ensure that our customers’ information remains confidential, secure, and protected. This policy applies to all SMS and email communications from the bank, its staff, and any third-party providers acting on behalf of the bank.

  • All SMS and email communications will conduct with utmost professionalism, accuracy, and integrity. Communication should be in clear and concise language and should comply with the relevant laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Any SMS and email communication should only be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number or email address, which will be verified by the bank.
  • The content of any SMS and email communication will not contain any information that is fraudulent, misleading, or likely to cause harm to the customer’s interest.
  • To avoid the potential of phishing scams, attachments and links will not be included in SMS and email communications.
  • SMS and email communication records should be maintained in compliance with applicable regulations and internal policies and should be available for audit and review.
  • The bank will provide an unsubscribe option in all SMS and email communications to enable customers to opt-out of receiving messages.
  • The Bank will not be responsible for any harm or detriment incurred by the customer due to the actions of fraudulent or “phishing emails”.

Use of Information

Coopbank uses the information that it gathers from and about you in order to improve the quality of the service that we provide on our online platforms. We may use your information in the following ways:

  • To handle your requests, transactions, applications and queries
  • To confirm your identity using location-based information
  • To provide location-based services, like Coopbank ATM locator
  • To enable you to apply for products or services (such a savings account or other financial product) and determine your eligibility.
  • To update you about account, product, and service changes such terms, conditions, and policies.
  • To inform you about important products or services information for which you applied, may apply or enrolled.
  • To monitor website traffic and performance, improve customer experience, maintain technical compatibility with users’ computers or other electronic or mobile devices, or analyse usage trends.
  • To analyse your use of our online services, including email responses and website and ad visits.
  • To provide advertisements to you directly or via third-party websites.
  • To provide you access to your online accounts.
  • To identify you when you visit our websites again.
  • For the objectives of risk management and control.
  • To identify and prevent fraud, as well as to improve the security of our online services.
  • To present you with tailored offers and to customise your
  • To facilitate and administer surveys, market research, sweepstakes, competitions, and other promotions.
  • Adherence to appropriate legal requirements

Online Advertising

Our online banking services may display advertisements promoting our products or services. We may collect data about you on the offers and advertisements you are interested subject to legal authorization.

 Disclosure of Information:

In order to maintain the privacy and security of our customers, we strictly prohibit the sharing of any personal information with unauthorized individuals or entities. This includes existing customers, former customers, and individuals who access our web or mobile banking services. To ensure timely and secure processing of online banking transactions, we may need to provide customer account information to our service providers. These service providers are carefully vetted and bound by strict confidentiality agreements to safeguard any information they receive.


The security of personal information is a priority and shall be ensured by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that meet applicable laws to protect customer information against loss, misuse, damage, and unauthorized access, modifications, or disclosures.

Our Mobile Banking service provider has also developed security policies and procedures to protect the customer information that they must collect and maintain to help us process banking transactions over the mobile. We educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy. We take appropriate disciplinary measures to enforce employee privacy responsibilities. Furthermore, Coopbank and our Service Providers maintain strong physical, electronic, and procedural controls to protect against unauthorized access to customer information.

Children Policy

Individuals who are under 18 years old are not eligible for our Service. We do not intentionally obtain identifiable information from individuals under 18 years old. If we have unknowingly gathered personal data individuals under 18 years old, we will take the necessary measures to eliminate it from our servers.

Notice of change

The Bank has the right to make changes to this Policy at any time and communicate customer through appropriate channel. We will let You know via email and/or a prominent notice on our Service, prior to the change becoming effective. The effective date of this Policy represents the most recent time that this Policy underwent significant revision or modification.

Contact Us

  • If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us: via phone number: 609