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Ahmed Hassen

Vice President, Corporate Banking

Friday, 15 September 2017 18:05

Corporate Governance


Our corporate governance reveals on how the Board has functioned and the structures of governance. The Bank functions under a governance framework that enables the Board to discharge its role of providing oversight and strategic counsel with its responsibility to ensure the Bank’s compliance with regulatory requirements and acceptable risk.


Shareholders’ Meeting

Shareholders’ meetings duly convened and held in line with the Bank’s Articles of Association and existing statutory and regulatory frameworks. It is conducted through a fair and transparent process and also serves as a medium for promoting interaction between Shareholders, the Board, and Management.

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Cooperative Bank of Oromia (S.C.) was registered commercially on October 29, 2004 in accordance with article 304 of Commercial Code of Ethiopia. It was established in line with proclamation no. 84/1994 with authorized capital of Birr 300 million. It started operation on 8th march 2005, with paid up share capital of birr 112 million.



  • Primary Cooperatives
  • Cooperatives Union
  • Cooperatives Federation


  • Organizations and Associations
  • Individuals


  • We root our foundation in communities to provide banking solutions that create greater customer experience with emphasis to cooperatives and agro-based businesses through proper use of human resource and up-to-date technologies to maximize stakeholders’ value.


  • To be the leading private bank in Ethiopia by 2025.

CBO Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Learning Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Cost Consciousness
  • Concern for Community

Salient Features

  • Social and Cultural values oriented services
  • First bank of its kind in the country
  • Broad ownership base and diversified ownership structure
  • Give priority to the unbanked society


  • To promote saving culture and create access to loans
  • To maximize shareholder's value
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