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VP, Interest Free Banking Process

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Board Human Resource Affairs Sub-committees

 Summary of Board Human Resource Affairs Sub-committee’s profile


Name of the Sub-committee member

Educational Qualification

Work experience



Obbo/Mr. Mulugeta Dagne Shiferaw


Ø MBA from Paradise Valley University College

Ø BA in Business Management;

Ø Diploma in Cooperative Management from Ardaita ATVET College


·   April 2012 to date: GM of Wonji Sugarcane growers’ Cooperative Union;

·   Dec. 2009 to Jan. 2012: Deputy Head of District Coop Promotion Office;

·   Jan 2008 to Nov 2009 :Team leader of District Cooperative Promotion Office ;

·   August 2005 to Sept. 2008: Coop Promotion Expert to at District Coop. Promotion Office;



Obbo Abera Halilu Lucho

Ø MA in Transformational Leadership and Change (from Green which University-;

Ø BA in OD[1]; (from International Leadership Institute)

Ø Diploma in Law (from ECSU[2]);


·   2018-2019: Vice Chairperson & CEO of Biftu Adugna Business;

·   2012-to date: CEO of Tumsa Endowment and also Tumsa Board member;

·   2007-2011: Board member and GM of ORTV[3];

·   2006-2007: Communication Bureau Head at ORSGA[4];

·   2002-2006: Vice speaker of Oromia Regional State Council

·   1996-2002: ORGS Cabinet member of OPDO Central Office;

·   1990-1996: Others;



Adde/Mrs. Elfinesh Alemayehu Tadesse


Ø   BSC. In Law

Ø   Various trainings


·  Current: East Wellega Zone Public Service and Human Resources Development Officer

·  21 yrs of service (District Women Affairs, Communication Office manager, Zonal Women Association Chairperson, Zonal communication vice manager);



[1] Organizational Development

[2] Ethiopian Civil Service University

[3] Oromia Radio and Television

[4] Oromia Regional State Affairs

BoD Sub-Committee’s Mon, 30 Mar 2020 07:58:40 +0000
Board Audit Sub-Committees

Summary of Board Audit sub-committee’s profile


Name of the Sub-committee member

Educational Qualification

Work experience



Obbo/Mr. Tefera Anbesa Kuma

Ø MBA-from Lead Star University;

Ø BA in Coop Business Mgt. from Ambo University;

Ø Diploma in Accounting from Alfa University College

Ø Diploma (in Basic Computer);

Ø Training on  (IFRS, training methodologies, other TOT and coop mgt. trainings)

·  Sept. 2017 to date: GM of Yhaenu PLC;

·  August 2016 to August 2017: Coop. Project Capacity Building Coordinator at Adriot Consultancy Service ;

·  June 2006 to July 2016: Team Leader of Agricultural Coop. Devt. at Zonal Office and Regional OCPA respectively;



Obbo/Mr. Oumer Wabe Gemeda

Ø MSC. from AUA[1] in Animal Breeding

Ø BSC. from AUA in Animal Science;

Ø Various trainings in leadership, Governance, BPR, Change agent, TQM, Personnel Management, etc.


·  Nov. 2015 to date: GM at OCFCU;

·  Dec. to Nov. 2015 (Dean: of Alage ATVET[2]) and May 2006 to Dec. 2008 (dean of Agarafa  ATVET) respectively ;

·  Jan. 2004 to Jan. 2006: Project Executants at DGIS-WWF Ethiopia Project ;

·  Nov. 1994 to Jan. 2004: Zonal Agricultural Dept. Head at OADB[3];

·  Sept. 1988 to Oct. 1994: Other in MOA:



Adde/Mrs. Askeberech Belayneh Mengesha

Ø MA in Sociology (from  RVU university);

Ø BA in Development Management (ECSU[4])


· August 2015 to date: GM[5] at Oromia Agricultural Coop Federation;

· July 2011 to Jan. 2015: Chairperson of Oromia Women Association;

· Jan. 2008 to June 2011: Advisor at Oromia Labor and Social Affairs Bureau;

· March 2001 to August 2004: Head, District Finance Office;



[1] Alemaya University of Agriculture  (Now Haramaya University of Agriculture)

[2] Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training

[3] Oromia Agricultural Development Bureau

[4] Ethiopian Civil Service College

[5] General Manager

BoD Sub-Committee’s Mon, 30 Mar 2020 07:57:04 +0000
Board Risk and Compliance Sub-Committees

Summary of Board Risk and Compliance sub-committees profile


Name of the Sub-committee member

Educational Qualification

Work experience



Obbo/Mr. Kebede Asefa Sishah

Ø MSC in Cooperative Marketing (Mekele University);

Ø PGD in cooperative Business Mgt.;

Ø BA in Sociology & Social Admin. ( AAU);

Ø Various development related trainings

·  March 2018 to date: Program Associate-smallholders support at WFP[1]:

·  Dec. 2012 to Feb. 2018: Program Assistant of purchase for progress (F4P) program:;

·  August 2009 to Nov. 2012:  Program  officer UNDP at United Nations Volunteers ( UNV);

·  Sept 1988 to June 2009: Acting Head of Coop Promotion Work Process; Program Coordinator-RUFIP;  Head of Zonal Coop Prom Dept., Junior Expert coop promotion at OCPA[2];



Obbo/Mr. Garomsa Bayisa Balcha


Ø MBA-from RVU[3];

Ø BSC. In Agr. Econ form Haramaya University;


·   August 2018 to date: GM at Ambo FCU[4] ;

·   June 2006 to May 20018: Marketing Manager and HR and Materials Management Head  respectively at Ambo FCU ;

·   Nov. 2006 to May 2018: Planning Expert in WSZAO[5];

·   Sept. 2003 to Jan. 2005: Expert on Agro-forestry and Rural Land Administration at West Showa Zone Agricultural and Rural Development Office;

·   July 1997 to August 2003: Head of Marketing and Loan Team at District Cooperative Promotion Office;



Obbo/Mr. Fikadu Dugasa

Ø MBA candidate;

Ø BSC in Cooperative Business Management-Ambo University);

Ø Various trainings in (Coop mgt., coffee production & quality improvement)

·  Jan. 1998 to date: GM of Limu Enaria Farmers’ Multipurpose Cooperative Union ;

·  Jan 1988 to Jan 1998: Agricultural Extension Expert Limu Kosa District,  Agricultural Development Office, Oromia Agricultural and Rural Development  Bureau;



[1] World Food Program

[2] Oromia Cooperative Promotion Agency

[3] Rift Valley University

[4] Farmers’ Cooperative Union

[5] West Shewa Zone Agricultural Office

BoD Sub-Committee’s Mon, 30 Mar 2020 07:50:09 +0000
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Districts Tue, 06 Nov 2018 12:58:41 +0000
Guarantee (Foreign)

A letter of guarantee issued by an issuing bank/guarantor is a written undertaking by the bank to compensate (pay sum of money) to the beneficiary (local or foreign) in the event that the obligator/principal fails to fulfill his/her /its obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

Types of guarantee:

  • Bid bond
  • Performance bond
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Loan guarantee, retention guarantee
  • Customs duty guarantee
International Banking Sat, 07 Jul 2018 08:40:03 +0000
Money Transfer


Incoming Transfers, Handling incoming money transfers from abroad through CBO’s International Money transfer Organizations for further credit to our customer account or payment in cash to the customer. i.e. Western Union, MoneyGram, Dahabshiil, X-press, RIA, Trans Fast etc. Inward Transfers could be sent through Swift, Personal or Bank Checks and Remittance Service Providers.


Outgoing Transfer Payment processed to individuals or organizations aboard upon the request of the Bank’s customers. Such transfers are used to effect payment for imports, tuition fees, membership fees, consultancy fees, medical bills, hotel booking, etc. Transfers can be made either through Swift or through Foreign Bank Draft. Foreign exchange permit is required to make outgoing transfers.

International Banking Sat, 07 Jul 2018 08:38:04 +0000

/Documentary Credit/

An export documentary letter of credit is a document whereby CBO Exporter buyer instructs their bank to pay our customers, assuming that the agreed conditions specified in the original documentary credit, are met. It is an internationally accepted method of settling trade payments. Rules and guidelines are governed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
Export-payment available by sight/negotiation/acceptance of bills
*If approved by the National Bank of Ethiopia

/Documentary Collection/

A payment arrangement in which an exporter instructs CBO to hand over shipping and title documents to the importer when the importer fully pays the accompanying bill of exchange or draft.

/Advance Payment/

Advance payment: is a method through which CBO customer /seller/ receives payment from a buyer prior to shipment or the agreed upon goods or rendering the agreed upon service. Export-Payment through bank transfers, traveler cheques, cash (as long as it is declared).


Consignment basis payment It is a method of payment in which the title to the goods remains with the CBO customer /seller/ until an agent (distributor) in foreign country sells them. Payment is made to the seller if and when the agent (distributor) sells the goods.
Export is applicable to perishable items: fruits, flowers, meat, molasses, etc as approved by the National Bank of Ethiopia

International Banking Sat, 07 Jul 2018 08:33:34 +0000