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Mobile and SMS banking allow you to conduct financial transaction using a mobile device like mobile phone or tablet via mobile banking Apps.

Perform online banking using your smart phone or other mobile devices.

Services available:-


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[bt_li] Checking balance[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Bill payment[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Fund transfer[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Mobile text and alert …[/bt_li][/bt_orderlist]


Bank anywhere at any time.

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Mobile Banking https://coopbankoromia.com.et/index.php/en/conventional-banking/item/42-mobile-banking https://coopbankoromia.com.et/index.php/en/conventional-banking/item/42-mobile-banking

The Mobile Banking services that will come soon will enable you to access your bank accounts,make fund transfers,payments and balance inquiries as well as get instant notifications on all your accounts linked with MB.

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Online Banking /Internet Banking/ https://coopbankoromia.com.et/index.php/en/services/electronic-banking/internet-banking https://coopbankoromia.com.et/index.php/en/services/electronic-banking/internet-banking

Using electronic payment system conducts a range of financial transactions through our website.

Execute a bunch of financial transactions at CBO on line via the internet.

CBO online services:-


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[bt_li] Search for balance[/bt_li]

[bt_li] transaction history[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Acquire e-statements[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Order new statements[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Transfer funds[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Pay bills[/bt_li]

[bt_li] Receive bills online[/bt_li]


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Card Banking https://coopbankoromia.com.et/index.php/en/services/electronic-banking/card-banking https://coopbankoromia.com.et/index.php/en/services/electronic-banking/card-banking

CBO provides ATM card linked to saving / checking account of the customer. CBO card is convenient for your life style.

Let you bank virtually, All the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It also enable you perform financial transaction, in a public space through computerized telecom device, point of sale /POS/ machine.

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[bt_li]Fast cash withdrawal[/bt_li]

[bt_li]Balance enquiry[/bt_li]

[bt_li]Fund transfer[/bt_li]

[bt_li]Payment …[/bt_li][/bt_orderlist]


CBO card allow you to access your account at any ATM and POS machine, in the country.

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