Chair Person

Educational Qualification

Work experience

Ø PhD in Agriculture;

Ø MSc. in Forestry;


Ø Diploma in professional management

Ø Many trainings




· Sept. 2011  to date: Economic analyst and Investment coordinator at UAE’s Embassy;

· June 2006-Auust 2011: Dept Head of MSE[2] Development at Oromia  MSE Development & Community Mobilization Agency;

· Nov. 2005-April 2006: Head of Natural Resource and Environmental Protection at Oromia Bureau of Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau;

·  Deputy Head (May. 2003- Oct. 2005) and tem leader (August 1998-April 2003) at Oromia Bureau of Natural Resources & Environmental  Administration (zonal & later Bureau level), and others

· Contributions in various task forces working on VC[3], BPR,

· Conducted two commissioned researches

· Publications (two, viz.: investment potentials and opportunities in Ethiopia and Tourism potential of Ethiopia);

· Membership of Professional Association: Member of world  Life and Environmental Conservation Society of Ethiopia


[1] International Institute of church Management-Foundation for Academic Excellence Ministry

[2] Micro and Small Enterprise

[3] Value Chain

Deputy Chair Person

Educational Qualification

Work experience

Ø MSC in Cooperative Marketing (Mekele University);

Ø PGD in cooperative Business Mgt.;

Ø BA in Sociology & Social Admin. ( AAU);

Ø Various development related trainings

·  March 2018 to date: Program Associate-smallholders support at WFP[1]:

·  Dec. 2012 to Feb. 2018: Program Assistant of purchase for progress (F4P) program:;

·  August 2009 to Nov. 2012:  Program  officer UNDP at United Nations Volunteers ( UNV);

·  Sept 1988 to June 2009: Acting Head of Coop Promotion Work Process; Program Coordinator-RUFIP;  Head of Zonal Coop Prom Dept., Junior Expert coop promotion at OCPA[2];


[1] World Food Program

[2] Oromia Cooperative Promotion Agency


Educational Qualification

Work experience

Ø MA in Sociology (from  RVU university);

Ø BA in Development Management (ECSU[1])


·  August 2015 to date: GM[2] at Oromia Agricultural Coop Federation;

·  July 2011 to Jan. 2015: Chairperson of Oromia Women Association;

·  Jan. 2008 to June 2011: Advisor at Oromia Labor and Social Affairs Bureau;

·  March 2001 to August 2004: Head, District Finance Office;


[1] Ethiopian Civil Service College

[2] General Manager


Educational Qualification

Work experience


Ø   BSC. In Law

Ø   Various trainings


·  Current: East Wellega Zone Public Service and Human Resources Development Officer

·  21 yrs of service (District Women Affairs, Communication Office manager, Zonal Women Association Chairperson, Zonal communication vice manager);


Educational Qualification

Work experience

Ø MBA candidate;

Ø BSC in Cooperative Business Management-Ambo University);

Ø Various trainings in (Coop mgt., coffee production & quality improvement)

·  Jan. 1998 to date: GM of Limu Enaria Farmers’ Multipurpose Cooperative Union ;

·  Jan 1988 to Jan 1998: Agricultural Extension Expert Limu Kosa District,  Agricultural Development Office, Oromia Agricultural and Rural Development  Bureau;


Educational Qualification

Work experience

ØMBA-from Lead Star University;

ØBA in Coop Business Mgt. from Ambo University;

ØDiploma in Accounting from Alfa University College

ØDiploma (in Basic Computer);

Ø Training on  (IFRS, training methodologies, other TOT and coop mgt. trainings)

·  Sept. 2017 to date: GM of Yhaenu PLC;

·  August 2016 to August 2017: Coop. Project Capacity Building Coordinator at Adriot Consultancy Service ;

·  June 2006 to July 2016: Team Leader of Agricultural Coop. Devt. at Zonal Office and Regional OCPA respectively;


Educational Qualification

Work experience

ØMA in Transformational Leadership and Change (from Green which University-;

ØBA in OD[1]; (from International Leadership Institute)

ØDiploma in Law (from ECSU[2]);


·   2018-2019: Vice Chairperson & CEO of Biftu Adugna Business;

·   2012-to date: CEO of Tumsa Endowment and also Tumsa Board member;

·   2007-2011: Board member and GM of ORTV[3];

·   2006-2007: Communication Bureau Head at ORSGA[4];

·   2002-2006: Vice speaker of Oromia Regional State Council

·   1996-2002: ORGS Cabinet member of OPDO Central Office;

·   1990-1996: Others;


[1] Organizational Development

[2] Ethiopian Civil Service University

[3] Oromia Radio and Television

[4] Oromia Regional State Affairs


Educational Qualification

Work experience


Ø MBA from Paradise Valley University College

Ø BA in Business Management;

Ø Diploma in Cooperative Management from Ardaita ATVET College


·   April 2012 to date: GM of Wonji Sugarcane growers’ Cooperative Union;

·   Dec. 2009 to Jan. 2012: Deputy Head of District Coop Promotion Office;

·   Jan 2008 to Nov 2009 :Team leader of District Cooperative Promotion Office ;

·   August 2005 to Sept. 2008: Coop Promotion Expert to at District Coop. Promotion Office;


Educational Qualification

Work experience

ØPhD in enterprise mgt (from Chain CU[1] University);

ØMBA from AAU;

ØBA in Development Admin. from ECSU;

ØDiploma In Mathematics form Bahar Dar University


·   Nov 2018 to Feb 2019: Head of ODP Central Office;

·   April to October 2018: Head of OWMEB[2];

·  Oct. 2015 to March 2018: State Minister of Ministry of Industry;

· Sept. 2015 to Oct. 2015: State Minister of Ministry of Mines;

·   Jan. 2009 to August 2010: Deputy Director of OLA[3] ;

·Oct. 2005 to Dec. 2008: Commissioner of Oromia Investment Commission (2.67 Yrs);

· May 2002 to Oct. 2005: Advisor for Oromia Administrative and Security Bureau;

· Sept. 2001 to May 2002:: Senior Expert for Planning and programming at Oromia Management Institute;

·July 1995 to June 1998: Others:


[1] Chongqing University

[2] Oromia Water, Mines and Energy Bureau

[3] Oromia Live Stock Agency


Educational Qualification

Work experience

Ø MSC. from AUA[1] in Animal Breeding

Ø BSC. from AUA in Animal Science;

Ø Various trainings in leadership, Governance, BPR, Change agent, TQM, Personnel Management, etc.


·   Nov. 2015 to date: GM at OCFCU;

·   Dec. to Nov. 2015 (Dean: of Alage ATVET[2]) and May 2006 to Dec. 2008 (dean of Agarafa  ATVET) respectively

·   Jan. 2004 to Jan. 2006: Project Executants at DGIS-WWF Ethiopia Project ;

·   Nov. 1994 to Jan. 2004: Zonal Agricultural Dept. Head at OADB[3];

·   Sept. 1988 to Oct. 1994: Other in MOA:


[1] Alemaya University of Agriculture  (Now Haramaya University of Agriculture)

[2] Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training

[3] Oromia Agricultural Development Bureau


Educational Qualification

Work experience


Ø MBA-from RVU[1];

Ø BSC. In Agr. Econ form Haramaya University;


·   August 2018 to date: GM at Ambo FCU[2] ;

·   June 2006 to May 20018: Marketing Manager and HR and Materials Management Head  respectively at Ambo FCU ;

·   Nov. 2006 to May 2018: Planning Expert in WSZAO[3];

·   Sept. 2003 to Jan. 2005: Expert on Agro-forestry and Rural Land Administration at West Showa Zone Agricultural and Rural Development Office;

·   July 1997 to August 2003: Head of Marketing and Loan Team at District Cooperative Promotion Office;


[1] Rift Valley University

[2] Farmers’ Cooperative Union

[3] West Shewa Zone Agricultural Office

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