Baankii Hojii Gamtaa Oromiyaa (W.A)
የኦሮሚያ ኅብረት ሥራ ባንክ (አ.ማ)
Cooperative Bank of Oromia (S.C)
Swift Code: CBORETAA

Types of Deposit Services

1. Saving Account

  • It is an interest bearing deposit that CBO provides for Natural and legal persons who can fulfill the Bank’s & legal requirement.  The minimum balance to open is Birr 50.00. However, it may be opened & maintained with zero balance for two month.

2. Non-Interest bearing saving account

  • It is a non interest bearing saving account that is opened to fulfill the requests of those customers who don’t want interest payment for their deposits.

3. Demand Deposit Account

  • Demand Deposit Account (current or checking account) is a non-interest bearing account & is opened or operated by literate customers only. The minimum amount required by the bank to open a current account for individuals or individual trader is birr 500 & for others birr 1000.

4. Demand Account Bank Statemet

  • Bank statement is a regular record issued by the bank showing the credit & debit entries, particulars & remaining balance in a customer’s checking account.

5. Fixed Time Deposit Account

  • It is a type of deposit which is received for a certain fixed period of time with negotiable interest rate which is higher than the prevailing saving interest rate based on the magnitude of the fund & time period. The minimum balance acceptable for fixed time deposit is birr 100,000.

6. Certified Payment Order (CPO)

  • It is a type of negotiable instrument prepared as per the request of the customer & is payable up on presentation. It is endorsable & valid for six months.

Exchange Rates

July 24,2017
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