New Products

new products

January 17th, 2017

CBO has launched new deposit products effective at all its branches.

Gamme - Junior Account

-Is the means for the fulfillment of what you desire for your children and attain your goal as a parent.

-It also teaches your children the benefits and power of saving.


-Opened by children under 18 years of age.

-Administered by their parents/guardians.

-Attractive interest rate than regular savings.

Invest on your children's future! 

Youth Savings Account

-Ideal for modern day youth group looking for tailored banking services.


-opened by individuals from 18 - 29 years of age.

-Designed to cope up with the demands of the age group.

-Attractive interest rate than regular savings.

Save at CBO - play your part in the breakthrough!

Sinqe - Women Account

-Named after the 'Siinqee' institution, that protect the rights of women in the Gada social economic and political system of the Oromo.


-Opened by women of 30 years and above.

-Designed to meet the financial needs of women / loan facilities /

-Attractive interest rate than regular savings.

Foster Women's role in the economic sector!



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