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Hello Cash

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HelloCash is a mobile and agent banking service provided by Cooperative Bank of Oromia

Your HelloCash account will allow you to access the following ser­vices by using your mobile phone:

  • Receive Money!
  • Send Money!(as simple as sending mobile phone credit)
  • Save Money!


You can send money transfers anytime, from anywhere easily from your mobile phone!

The HelloCash service is known to be Accessible, Affordable, Safe, and Reliable!

Where can you access your money?

You can deposit or withdraw your money 24-hours a day at your nearest HelloCash Agent (ex. supermarket, gas stations, etc.) or at *any Cooperative Bank of Oromia branch.

How do I open my FREE HelloCash account today?

1. Visit your nearest CBO agent or CBO Branch with a photocopy of your ID

2. Complete the Registration Form with the agent or branch teller

Who will initiate your account opening?

3. You will receive an automated call on your mobile phone. Follow the instructions.

4. You will be asked to enter your secret 4-digit PIN code (do not share with anyone) as well as recording your name by voice.

Congratulations! You now have a HelloCash account with Cooperative Bank of Oromia!

Is there a cost to open a HelloCash account?

No. It is FREE to open your HelloCash account. You can withdraw and close your account at any time. In addition any type of mobile apparatus can be used to get the service.

How do I check my Balance?

You can call 8140 and listen to your balance. Alternatively, Dial *983# and Select “Check Your Balance” Option.

How do I access HelloCash Customer Support?

Call 8140 and press “0” for the HelloCash Customer Support service.

How do I Deposit money on my HelloCash account?

Visit a HelloCash service provider at your nearest bank branch or agent!


Three-Easy Steps to make a DEPOSIT:

1. Provide your Cash and ID to the agent/bank teller to process the deposit.

2. Next, the agent/Bank Teller will Transfer the same amount to your mobile phone.

3. The Agent/Bank Teller will provide you with a signed Transaction Receipt and your ID.

You will now receive a SMS confirmation notifying you of the successful completion of your transaction.

How do I Transfer money from my HelloCash account?

It is possible to make a transfer to a customer weather he/she is registered or not at any time and place

Using Voice Option - Dial 8140

◘ Call 8140 and select “Make A Transfer” option

◘ Enter the mobile number of the receiver

◘ Enter the Amount to be transferred

◘ You will Receive a call from the automated system to confirm the transfer;

◘ Enter your secret PIN to confirm the Transfer

◘ You and the Receiver will get a SMS confirmation of the transaction

Using TEXT option Dial*983#

◘ Dial *983# and select “Make A Transfer “option;

◘ Enter the mobile number of the Receiver;

◘ Enter the Amount you would like to Transfer;

◘ Enter your secret PIN to confirm the Transfer;

◘ You and the Receiver will get a SMS confirmation of the transaction

How do I Withdraw money from your HelloCash account?

Visit any CBO agent or CBO branch.

1. Provide your ID to the agent/Bank Teller

2. The agent/Bank Teller will ask you to Transfer the Withdrawal amount to his/her mobile phone

3. Follow the steps provided by the agents/Branch Teller

4. Once the Transfer is completed, the agent/Branch Teller will provide you with the Withdrawal amount in Cash along with a signed copy of transaction receipt.

You will now receive a SMS confirmation notifying you of the successful completion of your transaction.

*Currently there are 30 branches which are part of the Pilot rollout of their HelloCash service as listed on the service locations table on the website.


HelloCash Customer Transaction Charges

Transaction ranges (In Birr)

Deposit Fees

(In Birr)

Transfer Fees (In Birr)

Withdraw Fees (In Birr)





















Registration for a new customer account is Free

Note: All Prices are subject to change.

HelloCash service engages small and mid-sized businesses and merchants to become an agent of the bank and provide a range of banking services using their mobile Phone.

Agents: Are Merchants who provide financial services on behalf of a financial institution through various service delivery channels.

Services Provided by Agent mainly includes:

  • Opening of Mobile account for customer,
  • Opening of regular saving account for customer ,
  • Perform cash in ( deposit ) and Cash out (withdrawal) services,
  • Transfer funds between different parties,
  • Perform various payment services,
  • Perform customer due diligence Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement of natural persons,
  • Customer education and,
  • Compliance with CBO AML (Anti Money Laundering) & KYC (Know Your Customers) Policies.


CBO’s HelloCash Agents Network includes:

  • Branches of Partnered Banks and Micro-Finance Institutions
  • Other retailers with a substantial distribution network like petrol stations, post offices, distributors, internet cafes, supermarkets, café and Restaurants.

If you would like to become an agent of the bank, Please visit your nearby CBO branch or call 8140

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