Chair Person

Educational qualification

Work experiences

Year served


− MA in Transformational Leadership and Change;


− BA in Organizational Development

2017 to date

−  Board chairperson of OBM Construction S.C.

2015 to date

−  Board chairperson of  Cooperative Bank of Oromia S.C.

2013-to date

−  CEO, Biftu Adugna Adugna Business S.C


Vice Chairperson and CEO of Biftu Adugna Business S.C


CEO of Tumsa Endowment for Development of Oromia


Board member and General Manager of Oromia Radio and Television Organization


Oromia Regional State Government Affairs and Regional Executive Cabinet member


Served  in regional Administrative Offices of Oromia (from zone to Regional state) at different posts

Deputy Chair Person

· MSc, Agricultural Economics; University of Aberdeen; United Kingdom; 1990

· BSc, Agriculture, Honors  in Food Science Technology &Nutrition; Punjab Agricultural University; India; 1982

· Certificate in the following:  Compliance and Risk Management (from Financial Institution, UK, 2018); Managing Interest Free Banking, Ethiopia, 2017;  Understanding and Analyzing Agricultural Market Performance;  EDRI/IFPRI, Ethiopia, 2005; Entrepreneurship Training;

Lead Wedeb, PLC. Ethiopia, 2005 and  Management (from Ethiopian Civil Service College, Ethiopia, 2004)

2016- to date

Vice Chairman of Board Directors, Cooperative Bank of Oromia

2015–to date

Managing Director, Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry Share Company

Member of Scientific and Industrial Advisory Committee for African Dairy Genetic Gain; Participatory

Artificial Insemination Delivery; African Chicken Genetic Gain

President of Ethiopian Milk Processing Industry Association


Chairman of the Board  of Directors of Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry Share Company, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Deputy Chief of Party and Marketing Specialist  Sanitary & Phytosanitary Standards and Livestock and

 Meat Marketing Program (SPS-LMM), Texas A&M University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Director, Livestock and Fishery Marketing,  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Devt.,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Senior Economist and Team Leader Oromia Investment Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Manager of Shola Dairy Plant Dairy Projects of the Dairy Development Enterprise (DDE), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


−MA in Transformational Leadership and Change;

−LLB in Law

April 2018 to date

Head of OPD[1] Central Office

July 2012 to ______

Executive Director of ODA[2]

Nov. 2011-June 2012

Chief Corporate Service Manager at ODA

Oct. 2005-Oct. 2010

Member of the parliament

Nov. 2006-March 2007

Chairperson of infrastructure Affairs Standing Committee of Parliament

Oct. 2005-Oct. 2006

Head of (Secretariat) Office of the Parliament

1993-early 2005

Served in Justice Bureau of Oromia at different posts and also as a school Director



−     MBA,

−     BA in Accounting


    01/09/2017 to date

Executive Managing Director at Oromia Capital Goods Finance Business S.C.

01/11/ 2011- 31/08/ 2017

Director, Finance Department at Oromia Credit and Saving S.C

June 2008-March 2012

Human Resource Manager at Oromia Credit and Saving Share Company

June 2006-May 2008

Deputy Department manager at Credit and Saving Share Company


−     MBA

−     BA in organizational Management


2013—to date

Director, Oromia Coop. Promotion Agency


Deputy Manager  of Oromia Road and Transport Authority


Manager of  Oromia Transport Agency


Served in different  Zonal Administrative Offices of Oromia as Zonal Administrator


− PhD in Political science

−  BA in Public Administration

2017 to date

General Manager of OSHO[1]


Member of the House of the People’s Representative of FDRE

2015 - 2016

VP, Training and Consultancy at Ethiopian Civil Service University


Assistant Professor of Public Management and Policy  at Addis Ababa University


Executive Director of Oromia Development Association (ODA)



Educational qualification

Work experiences

Year served


− MA in Cooperative Management;

− BA in Economics

Sept 2018 to date


August 2013 to date

General Manager of Ambo Farmers’ Cooperative Union

May 2013-July 2013

Head of Finance and Economic Development of Elfeta District of West Shewa Zone of Oromia

July 2012-May 2013

Budget, planning & Monitoring Officer of Elfeta District of West Shewa Zone of Oromia

Oct 2009-Nov. 2010

Head of Capacity Building & Deputy Administrator of Elfeta District of West Shewa Zone of Oromia

Nov. 2008 –Oct. 2009

Head, Trade & Transport Office of Elfeta District of West Shewa Zone of Oromia


−  MA in Development studies;

−  BA in Agricultural Economics

Dec.2016to date

Deputy Commissioner Oromia Planning and Economic Development Commission

March 2011_ Nov. 2013 and Jan 2015-Nov. 2016

Deputy head of Oromia Regional State Finance and Economic Development Bureau

Dec. 2010- Feb. 2011

Regional Coordinator for Oromia Agricultural Growth Programme (AGP)

Sept. 2009-Nov. 2010

National Coordinator, Rice Research and Development (JICA in Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development)

May 2005-April 2009

Head of Policy and Macro planning Department at Oromia Finance and Economic Development Bureau

Sept. 1987 to April 2005

Served in Oromia Planning and Economic Development , and in Ministry of Planning and Economic Development at different posts


· M.Sc. in Agriculture (Animal breeding and genetics)

·   B.Sc.  in Agriculture (animal science)

Nov. 2015 to date

General Manager at Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative union

Dec 2008-Nov. 2015

Dean of ALage ATVET College

May 2006-Dec. 2008

Dean of Agarfa ATVET College

Jan 2004-Jan. 2006

Project Executant at DGIS-WWF Ethiopia Project

Feb. 1993-Jan. 2004.

Served as head of Agricultural Department  indifferent Zones of Oromia


Served in Ministry of Agriculture at different posts

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