Baankii Hojii Gamtaa Oromiyaa (W.A)
የኦሮሚያ ኅብረት ሥራ ባንክ (አ.ማ)
Cooperative Bank of Oromia (S.C)
Swift Code: CBORETAA

Mr. Deribie Asfaw


Responsible for all aspects of a bank's operations which includes developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, and acting as the main point of communication between the BoDs and the corporate operations.

Mr. Ahmed Hassen

Vice President, Finance and Trade Service

Advises the president on key corporate issues, ensures proper management of overall resources and services of the bank, ensures the proper integration of the bank's internal capabilities to that of core processes

Mr. Aman Semir

Vice President, Information Systems

Directs the overall activities of information systems by acquiring and adapting relevant technologies and systems that support bank's goals and enable to achieve business excellence.

Mr. Desalegn Tadesse

Senior Director, Operations Management

Oversees and ensures the overall effectiveness of the core processes and manage customer relationships in utilizing services of the Bank.

Obbo Gemeda Mi'essoMr. Gemeda Mi'esso

Chief, Risk and Compliance Management

Ensure proactive and effective corporate risk and compliance management of the Bank by facilitating and enabling the BoDs' risk oversight.


Mr. Tafesse Fana

Chief, Internal Audit

Assure efficiency and effectiveness of the internal system; and gauge organizational and professional ethical standards set on the internal audit charter and code of conduct.


Mr. Liko Tolesa

Director, Strategy and Change Management

Ensures the alignment of each business strategy to corporate strategy of the Bank and spearheads strategy formulation, implementation, and monitoring of the Bank

Mr. Belete Wakbeka

Director, Research and Corporate Communications

Direct and coordinate all research and development programs, and corporate communication activities of the bank so as to enhance effectiveness of research outputs to user organs, build image of the bank, and rightly communicate features and products of the bank.


Mr. Godana Kabeto

Director, Interest Free Banking


Obbo Gemeda Mi'essoMr. Gutema Dibaba

Director, Cooperative Banking




Mr. Hundessa Mulatu

Director, Customer Accounts and Branch Coordination

Oversees and ensures proper design and implementation of service delivery outlets via creating operations strategy, and maintaining efficient integration of the process with other core processes.

Mr. Lamessa Waltajji

Director, Credit Appraisal and Portfolio Management

Ensures effective credit appraisal system, manages credit portfolio to a proper mix of loan concentrations, and provide strategic direction for the credit risk management.

Obbo Samuel GirmaMr. Samuel Girma

Director, Finance

Responsible for overseeing the financial activities of the bank including its capital structure, accounting functions, investments and how the bank manages its income and expenses.

Mr. Seyoum Abera

Director,Trade Service

Supervises the management of bank's foreign currencies, ensure proper management of the international trade services of the bank, ensure that all state and respective rules are followed, and efficient services are rendered to clients.

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July 24,2017
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